Naruto Recap: Weiterer „Rant“ zum Diskutieren

Hallo liebe Leute!

Ich habe mal wieder einen Rant über das Naruto-Ending gefunden, von einer Zeichnerin auf deviantArt.

Hier der volle Journal-Eintrag.

Ich finde nicht alles gut und richtig, zumal sie recht viele Kraftausdrücke in die sexuelle Richtung benutzt, die echt nicht hätten sein müssen, aber bei 95% stimme ich ihr schon zu.

Von mir ausgewählte Kernaussagen (jetzt mal auf englisch belassen, schlimm?):

  • …let’s not even talk about Obito being the „coolest guy“ ever. WHAT THE FUCK was that?! Really Naruto? The guy practically killed your mother and father, tried to killed you the moment you were born, pretty much fucked your life in every possible way…. and he is the coolest guy ever?! See, this is precisely what I fucking hate about Kishimoto’s writing: It doesn’t matter what you did, you were not your true self so you get spared, don’t take responsibility or are held accountable for your actions and everything is all good and dandy. NO, dammit.
  • Also, Obito doing everything just to have Rin is completely unreal and demented. That is simply wrong on all possible levels, you don’t get that obsessed with someone at 12/13… that attitude is not love in anyway or form, that is called obsession on a crazy scale and it is scary.
  • CHAPTER 698: To me, this chapter Kishimoto actually planned since part 1. It was beautiful in many ways, the fact that Sasuke had an internal monologue about his thoughts regarding Naruto was really nice.
  • I never liked Sakura’s character too much. I think she was ok. Not good, not terribly bad, just… there. She was pairing bait but somehow her character grew in Shippuden and I didn’t mind her antics. She had some really endearing interaction with Naruto and her dreams/goals were pretty badass. […] So my surprise was evident […], when she fucking asked Sasuke to TAKE HER WITH HIM.
    Suddenly, she goes back to part 1!Sakura and she is pairing bait again. She fucking forgets everything Sauce did thus, not holding him accountable for anything because he was not his real self. YES HE WAS. He was always Uchiha Sasuke and not your prince charming.
  • If the manga had ended with chapter 699 I would have been pretty disappointed in Sakura but satisfied because that poke meant something brotherly to Sasuke. To me, that poke meant: Hey, calm down… I’m leaving, not forever, but when I come back I’ll be here for you, because you are family to me. […]
    Sakura would still look stupid and needy and I would be pretty mad at Kishimoto for that sole reason but it would have stated once and for all what we all know: That Sasuke never liked Sakura romantically and he considers her as a part of the little family he had with team 7, he sees her as someone fragile in need of his attention/acknowledgment (just as he was with Itachi).
  • CHAPTER 700: Sasuke and Sakura. Sakura why? What about your goddamn dreams of becoming a great medic nin? She ended up as a housewife, taking care of a kid […], while Sasuke is away clearly not giving a fuck about her. No, read me, I LOVE THE SAUCE but it is obvious that he doesn’t give that much of a fuck and Sakura is just… sad. Her ending is absolutely pathetic.
  • I can’t see Sasuke having a healthy relationship with no one, specially Sakura who was not even relevant to him.
  • Ino’s powers are scrapped because it is important to show her being a grumpy momma because hahahaha, Temari looks pretty angry, Lee is Gai’s copypasta, Ten-Ten wanted to become a great kunoichi just like Tsunade… what happened? How come she ended up selling weapons and looking all bored with life? Oh wait, there’s peace so there is no need to become an awesome kunochi! So why is Naruto so busy anyway? Why are kids attending the ninja academy?
  • I honestly expected the war to somehow dissolve the ninja villages, or at least, give some sort of guideline towards a united world but not only it didn’t happen.
  • Naruto becomes Hokage and then what? Where is the so called change? They are having a Hokage meeting… and? Just because a few leaders are A++ with each other doesn’t mean that it will stay like that in the future, in fact, this ending only gives Sasuke’s ideas a strong nod and thumbs up because, eventually, someone will try to steal power and/or Naruto will die and the so-called „peace“ will crumble. There is no mention of the small, neglected villages… I presume they all stayed the same, trying hard to strive against the big 5. How cute.
  • And anyway, why is he such an ass to his son? You see, Naruto is an orphan, there is just no fucking way he would ignore his son because he is busy being Hokage (I don’t see how, since everything is sooo peaceful), so when he says that the village is his family and Bolt needs to suck it up, I honestly blinked hard. Not only did he punched his son, he actually justifies his questionable parenting skills to a fucking KID who feels dad isn’t paying attention to him; that is unacceptable, specially given Nardo’s background as a rejected child
  • And Sasuke? Yes, I am going to say Sauce is a shitty dad too, specially since he knows how it feels to be neglected by your father. Sure, Sakura stays with Salad (I snort everytime I write the name), but Sauce knows first-hand how important it is to spend time with dad yet somehow it is a lot more imperative to travel throughout the world for some reason that we have to speculate about.

Dieser Rant spricht ja viele Punkte an, die ich auch im vorigen Recap-Artikel zusammengefasst hatte. Gab es hier noch etwas Neues für euch? Wie seht ihr das? Wie seht ihr all das nach rund 2 Wochen Pause und Abstand? Und überhaupt: Wie geht es euch?? 😀



Über Aeris

Ich bin die Aeris, Autorin von Ramen-chan, und begeisterter Naruto-Fan! :)

Ein Kommentar zu “Naruto Recap: Weiterer „Rant“ zum Diskutieren

  1. Aeris sagt:

    Gäbe es eigentlich Interesse an einer Fan-Version des Kapitels 700, also von mir?
    Ich überlege noch, wie ich es „auf Papier“ bringen könnte. In Prosa, also als Fließtext wie in einem Roman. Die Panels ummalen würde ewig dauern, so gut kann ich das ja nicht. Andererseits könnte ich auch die Panels weiß übermalen und dann nur stichpunktartig reinschreiben, was ich da anders machen würde.

Na los, gib dir einen Ruck und schreib was! Wenn du das allererste mal bei uns schreibst, so müssen wir dich erst freischalten!

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